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Today’s advanced cosmetic climate offers the breast augmentation patients a wide range of implant sizes, shapes, textures and brands.

Selecting the right product for you is an important part of the consultation process, and Dr. Stevens will give you all the time and personalized attention needed to help you select the best breast implants Los Angeles has available for your needs.

During your confidential consultation, Dr. Stevens will allow you to touch and feel each breast implant, placing it beneath your blouse to see how it will look. For the best results in a breast lift Los Angeles has to offer, he will also employ our advanced 3D imaging technology to give you the most accurate projection of your final result with the selected implant. If you would like for your spouse or partner to be present during the selection process, Dr. Stevens is happy to arrange for this as well.

Saline vs. silicone breast implants

The two main types of implants are those filled with saline, and those filled with silicone. Both have a silicone shell that keeps the filling intact. Our saline Beverly Hills breast implants are filled with sterilized saltwater, the same as is found in IV solutions. Silicone implants are filled with silicone gel. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, which Dr. Stevens can go over with you in greater detail during your Los Angeles consultation.

Is saline the best breast implant material?

Saline implants will create a full look with full projection and a natural aesthetic. They are filled after they are placed in the chest pocket, so their size can be adjusted to suit the patient. The incision required for saline implants tends to be slightly smaller than that used for silicone, so this can be an advantage for those seeking minimal scarring. Additionally, saline implants are harmless if they rupture, as the saltwater solution is simply absorbed by the body. Saline implants tend to cost less than silicone.

In terms of the cons of saline implants, these products tend to have a less realistic feel than silicone, and they are more likely to ripple and deflate. At the same time, saline implants are less likely to bottom out, and they do weigh the same as silicone. Dr. Stevens can discuss the best option for you.


  • Lower cost & Safety
  • Full, projected look
  • Potentially smaller incision


  • More likely to feelripples
  • Less realistic to the touch
  • More likely to rupture and deflate

Is silicone the best breast implant material?

In terms of its advantages, our silicone breast implants in Los Angeles feel more natural to the touch and are less degree of rippling. If you choose the “gummy bear” form-stable silicone gel implants, these have the most longevity and the lowest rate of capsular contracture. They tend to keep their shape with a lower risk rupture. The gummy bear comes in a regular round shape and a teardrop shape that many patients find highly natural-looking.

The disadvantages of the silicone implant include the fact that it may require a slightly larger incision compared with saline implants, and the incision may have to be made within the breast crease. The gummy bear silicone implants tend to be more expensive as well.


  • More realistic feel
  • Lower rates of complications
  • Less likely to ripple
  • More natural appearance
  • Higher cost


  • Potentially larger incision
  • Fewer options for incision placement
  • More subtle changes
  • Patients may not have enough donor fat

Structured Saline Implants (Ideal Implants)

The structured ideal breast implant in Beverly Hills is a new technology that offers a natural feel and beautiful look with only saline inside, providing comfort and peace of mind.

The advantages over saline and silicone gel implants:

  • Lower rate of rupture and higher rupture strength.
  • An MRI is no longer needed, checking the mirror you will know your implants are in
  • No sticky silicone gel from ruptured implants.
  • Implants filled with saline that is consumed by the body if ruptured.
  • Allows for a smaller incision than silicone gel implants.

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