Non-Surgical Procedures, Dr. Leslie Stevens Non-Surgical Procedures, Dr. Leslie Stevens

BOTOX Cosmetic

BOTOX Cosmetic is a simple, non-surgical, physician-administered treatment that can temporarily smooth moderate to severe frown lines between the brows and other areas in people from 18 to 65 years of age.

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Facial Fillers

Under the influence of gravity, the soft tissues gradually sag to create characteristic features of aging. In addition, the retaining ligaments that attach the facial soft tissues to bony prominences of the face are weakened and less able to hold up the skin and fat compartments.

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Non-surgical Facelift

Dr. Stevens uses a variety of dermal fillers including Sculptra, and ultrasound-based Ultherapy skin tightening, to achieve stunning results that restore youthfulness and vitality.

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Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is a procedure that uses a laser to improve the appearance of your skin reducing facial wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, acne, scars or sun damage.

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Coolsculpting is a revolutionary body sculpting technique that freezes your fat cells, slimming the torso and giving you a new level of self-confidence

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With aging, pregnancy or obesity can come a vagina that is atrophied and visually unappealing. This damage can cause one to lose sensation, reducing the level of sexual satisfaction during intercourse.

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Ultherapy is a revolutionary skin tightening technology that relies on ultrasonic energy to gently yet effectively reduce the signs of aging in the face and neck.

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The Hydrafacial is a customized medical-grade skincare treatment that revives your complexion for a healthier, more youthful glow. It is comprised of the following steps:

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As the skin ages, it loses its elasticity, compromising the appearance with sagging jowls, sinking cheeks and a flabby neck. Unappealing laxity can also strike in the buttocks, arms, legs, abdomen, hands and eyelids.

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Silhouette Lift

Collagen production slows down with age and can cause sagging, loose skin. A Silhouette lift, also known as a thread lift, provides an alternative to a surgical facelift. The non-surgical procedure can give you a natural lift for a more youthful face and neck.

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