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Lips that were once full and pouty can thin and elongate with age. If this is the case for you, a lip lift in Beverly Hills can help solve this problem.

This is a fairly minor surgical procedure which can restore a more youthful appearance to the upper lip. The procedure is generally performed to shorten the length of a long upper lip.

A lip lift may also add a slight pout or cupid’s bow to the central lip as well as an overall appearance of greater fullness. It is possible the surgery can also enable more of the pink portion of the lip, or vermilion, to show and make the upper teeth more visible when the lips are slightly parted.

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Am I A Good Candidate?

Dr. Stevens recommends a lip lift procedure for individuals in good physical health with realistic goals for improving a long or thin upper lip. The lip lift can be a good alternative to lip fillers for those seeking permanent improvement of thin lips.

What to expect after surgery

After surgery, patients may experience some degree of swelling and numbness. There is minimal pain associated with the lip lift, though pain medication can help to control any discomfort that occurs. Chewing and speaking may also be difficult at first. A return to work and light activity can typically be expected within a few days to a week after the lip lift procedure.

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What are the benefits of lip lift?

The benefits of a lip lift in Beverly Hills include:

  • Enhanced lip fullness and visibility
  • Improved lip symmetry
  • Definition of the cupid's bow
  • More youthful and balanced facial appearance
  • Aesthetic enhancement of the upper lip
  • Long-lasting results

What is recovery like after lip lift?

Recovery following a lip lift involves common post-surgery experiences. Expect some swelling and bruising that peaks in the initial days and gradually diminishes. You may also feel discomfort and tightness, typically manageable with prescribed pain medication.

Non-dissolvable stitches are usually removed within about a week. Full recovery takes several weeks, during which you should avoid strenuous activities and adhere to post-operative care instructions. The final results will become more apparent as the initial swelling and bruising subside.

Lip Lift FAQ's

Are there any risks to Lip Lift?

Lip lift procedures carry typical surgical risks, including infection, scarring, and anesthesia-related complications. Results can vary, so it's crucial to choose a skilled surgeon and discuss your expectations and potential risks thoroughly before the procedure.

What other procedures do patients combine with lip lift?

Patients often combine lip lifts with procedures like lip fillers, facelifts, or eyelid surgery to enhance overall facial aesthetics.

Can I get Lip Fillers after my Lip Lift?

You can usually get lip fillers after a lip lift, but it's essential to consult with your surgeon for personalized recommendations.

How much do Lip Lifts normally cost?

The cost of a lip lift can vary significantly depending on factors like location and the surgeon's expertise, but it typically ranges from $2,000 to $5,000 or more.

How Long do Lip Lift results last?

Lip lift results are typically long-lasting, with effects often lasting for years.

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