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For some women, an unattractive nipple or areola appearance can be a source of physical dissatisfaction. The nipples may appear too large, long or droopy, or if receiving a breast augmentation or reduction, the proportion may need to be adjusted to the new transformation. All of these conditions are easily remedied with nipple and areola reduction.

Nipple and areola reduction are two procedures that can improve the overall appearance of the breast by reducing the size of the nipple or areola respectively. For some, an unpleasant nipple or areola appearance may simply be genetic. For others, changes may have occurred as a result of weight fluctuations, breastfeeding, implants or other reasons.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Dr. Stevens recommends nipple and areola reduction for women who are in good physical health. They must also have realistic expectations for improving the appearance of large areolas or nipples.

What to Expect After Surgery

There is usually minimal pain associated with nipple and areola reduction though pain medication can be taken to ease any discomfort. Healing is generally quick. It is typical to experience bruising and usually fades within two weeks. Swelling is also common and can result in some temporary numbness or tingling which typically resolves within six weeks. A special surgical bra is typically worn at all times during the first few days after surgery. A return to work and light activity can typically be expected within one to two days after a nipple or areola reduction.

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