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Importance of Board Certification

Choosing a qualified plastic surgeon is a decision that stays with you for the rest of your life because you live with the results of any cosmetic procedure. You should be able to trust your surgeon wholeheartedly and feel confident in his or her abilities. Not all surgeons are certified by the American Board of […]

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Using the Keller Funnel®2 to Help Avoid Capsular Contracture in Breast Augmentation Surgery

The most vexing problem in breast augmentation surgery is the post-surgery occurrence of capsular contracture or scar tissue compressing on the implant. There have been many theories as to why this occurs. The most agreed upon explanation is a phenomenon called biofilm. Biofilm occurs when certain strains of bacteria start to colonize and produce a […]

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A Bra Line Back Lift Can Help You Look Your Best From Every Angle

To truly look your best at all times, you must consider how you look from all angles. Even if you look at your reflection in the mirror every morning, do you ever look at yourself from the back by viewing your reflection or a photo? Upon closer scrutiny, some people may be surprised to observe […]

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Which Type of Breast Implants Should I Get?

There are many different “types” of breast implants, but usually when people refer to a “type” of breast implant, they are talking about the material. For your breast augmentation with Dr. Stevens, you can choose between the following options for your breast implant material. Each has its own pros and cons that can help you […]

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The Best Way to Choose a Breast Implant Size

Selection of the correct size breast implants for someone’s proportions, and desires used to be limited to an art form that was dependent on the experience and judgement of your surgeon. A patient’s idea of a C cup could be totally different then her surgeon’s. It is often a hit or miss process, where sometimes […]

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Dr. Leslie Stevens Reviews

“People Love Us On Yelp” 2016 Award Recipient   This morning I received an email from Yelp notifying me that our practice is the recipient of “People Love Us On Yelp” 2016 award. This award is generated twice a year to businesses that qualify for this program. My staff and I strive each day to […]

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Breast Lift versus Breast Augmentation/ Which One Is Right for Me?

There are many reasons why women seek a consultation regarding their breasts with a plastic surgeon. Some simply want a larger bust line while others are only looking for more fullness or a perkier shape. Not everyone is a candidate for breast implants nor does everyone want them. Some women can achieve these goals without […]

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Want Your Cosmetic Surgery to Last? Do This!

The decision to undergo any sort of cosmetic procedure, especially a facelift, is very personal and not to be taken lightly. You’ve got to make sure you’re in the right hands and then consider the financial commitment, your expectations, any potential pain or discomfort and of course recovery/downtime. If you do decide to green-light a […]

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Breast Feeding with Breast Implants – Is it Possible?

Breast Feeding with Breast Implants – Is it Possible? By Mary Cunningham Smart Beauty Guide Like many others, I’ve been under the assumption that breast implants impeded the ability to breastfeed. My mother took this into account when she got her implants in the 1980s, after my little brother had moved on to solid food. […]

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