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Financing Your Rejuvenation Procedures

Feeling good about your personal appearance and well-being is important when making the decision to have cosmetic surgery. Making the investment in having your procedure shouldn’t be a barrier to any of our patients. At our practice we offer several options to help you finance your aesthetic procedure no matter what your individual needs are.

Payment Options

We accept cash, check or money orders on or before your preoperative visit.

Credit Cards

We accept the following major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard or American Express.


Most cosmetic operations are not covered by private insurance carriers, but in some cases, for example breast reduction, costs may be defrayed. Check with your insurance company to see which procedures are covered by them.

Dr. Stevens is a provider of only a few insurance companies. However, when appropriate our office will assist in any insurance reimbursement you may be entitled to. This could help to reduce your out of pocket expenses. Depending on the specific policy and surgery, the entire procedure or just a small portion may be covered.

Healthcare Lending Services

We offer financing options to provide you with financing terms that best suit your needs. With low interest rates and comfortable monthly payments, all you have to do is apply, chose which option is best for you and focus on your procedure and recovery without having to worry about how you are going to pay for it.


Need assistance in designing your rejuvenation payment program? Contact us and we will speak with you about our flexible options for creating a plan just for you.

Additional Resources

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